Great Lakes Free School of Magic and Culture

Great Lakes Free School of Magic and Culture

Location: South Manitou Island – Level 2 Regio (see Ars Magica, 5th Edition)

Chief Educators – Maria Duarte and Ada Foxcatcher

School Structure and Layout: Haven of outdoor structures, cabins, treehouses and longhouses

Regio student entrance: old school house, in basement, through north wall is gate (opens with vocal spell cast of uttering ‘kewadin’/North in Anishnabemowin). After gate you appear in the great hollow/amphitheater at schoolhouse location but with the school grounds around. The Grand Pavilion is covered by a great arbor.

A magical weather screen filters weather in the area of the Grand Pavilion and in the four compass directions that are Ways to campus zones. Ley lines intersect at the middle of the Pavilion. Pavilion holds great feasts; presentation and general gatherings for the magical community-at-large. It is magicked so that it can be split up into larger or smaller “rooms” or an entire quidditch or lacrosse/netstick field. General setting is a simple pavilion with a few stone tables. A staff person is always stationed here.

International magical orders:

Durmstrang – Germany, Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts School – U.K.

U.S. Magical Ranger Academy in Colorado – conquest-oriented

Southeastern U.S. Academy of Magic and Fianances: minority unmderwriter Gringotts Wizarding Bank International, Ltd.

Mariner’s Coven of New England

Sorted Houses:

All people rotate

East – South – West – North (Anishnabek style)

Sorting: starting at cemetery (life as animate, non-animate and spirit). Discombobulating charm to disorient sense of direction – people find their way to one of the shores. North is White longhouse; East = Yellow Long-house; South = Red longhouse and West = Black long house


Defense against the Dark Magicks



Science, Spirit & Magic: Magic: Natural Energy Foci; Community and Empathy; Herbs, Brews and Concoctions; Transfiguration; Theurgical and Thaumaturgical Meditation, Prayer and Concentration – Global Comparative Studies; D.N.A. and Magical Energies

Math, Runes & Glyphs

Politics, History and Metamagic

Academic Magical Ecology
-underwater animal and ecology care
-patrol of the cultural/spirtual regio Nexus at the Straits of Mackinac and guardianship of Ley Line intersection
-non-magical domestic

Great Lakes Free School of Magic and Culture

Great Lakes Moderna Magicka aboveriver